Experienced Flameproofing Experts

For over 50 years, New York City Flameproofing has been protecting the Metro NYC area from the tragic effects of fire. As family owned and operated business, New York City Flameproofing has used its expertise and longevity in the field to serve local businesses and communities. All places where the public gathers (hotels, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, bars, etc.) are required by the FDNY to have certain decorative items on location treated with flame repellents. With the latest flameproofing techniques, we provide treatments for curtains, drapes, fabrics, wood, upholstery, textiles and other artistic objects, all backed up by our satisfaction guarantee. As a result, New York City Flameproofing has protected establishments all over the Metro New York area with our superior flameproofing services.

Masters of Violation Resolution

If you have an issue with a flameproofing violation, we’re here to help you navigate through it. New York City Flameproofing will come to your business location and professionally soak or coat all required materials and objects with flame repellents. In about 24 hours, we can issue you an affidavit and have your violated resolved. This will put you back in right standing with the FDNY and have your doors open for business again.

Affidavit Distributors

As a business owner, you’re required by the FDNY, the Building Department, the Health Department and your insurance carrier to have a flameproofing affidavit prior to being open to the public. This document needs to be issued to you by a C-15 Certificate of Fitness holder. New York City Flameproofing has these credentials, can perform the flameproofing treatment and the following field flame test, and then can issue you a valid flameproofing affidavit.

Expansive Resource For Information

Flameproofing is our one and only business, and we have the required comprehensive knowledge to serve you. We can provide in-depth details regarding the safety of our chemicals, our flameproofing process, and any other information you want to know. As an industry leader for over 50 years, we’re here to share our expansive knowledge for the sole purpose of having safer, better-protected communities. Please call us at a time convenient for you to discuss your questions or to get a free, no-obligation quote!